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Umbrafest III This Week!

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Our friends Wes, Arti, and Sammy at the local cinema have all been hard at work this month prepping for the premiere indie horror/suspense/thriller filmfest! Lots of giveaways and a surprise replacement guest of honour! We think they’ve done a bangup job, and hope that all the late… Read More »Umbrafest III This Week!


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Did you get your tickets? To your local premiere film festival to all the excellent indie horror and suspense cinema you can handle? Stay tuned for details!

The Start

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The page to start you off proper is right here : Start Read more about what this site is about here : About

The Curtain Draws

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Welcome ! We are 10 days out from Halloween 2015, but here ‘s an early, spooky surprise! The Penumbra is a new site that is also the host to a new fiction endeavour that starts with a short story of the same name. Check the About page for… Read More »The Curtain Draws

A Day, Anticipation

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Things stir, echoes form, and pale lights cast long, lingering halos. What lies at the edges of dark? Soon.


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The dark withdraws, a light along the edges, the borders of shadow dance.