What Is The Penumbra?

The Penumbra is :

(n) The outer region of the border between shadow and light.

It is also:

A short story, absolutely free.

A multi-volume series of connected, interrelated fictions spanning the supernatural, horror, and science fiction genres, as well as their cousins.

An homage to anthologies of speculative fiction in TV, comic book, and prose form.

A selection of stories that may be posted to this site in full or teased in excerpts, with several at a time being packaged for sale to read on your favourite device.

A crawling, strange, spooky, and maybe even hopeful thing.

Not necessarily limited to the written word.

It is also:

A cult TV series from the 1950s and 60s, created by one troubled and brilliant man.

The after-effects of creating such a thing.

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