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Volume 1 – digital:

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In this volume:

Two strangers in different places and circumstances find themselves drawn to each other, and to increasingly world-altering events. What will they find out about The Penumbra? All other stories that follow fan out from this occurrence.

A creature of light and shadow sits on a stage, trapped by its captors, forced to tell them the tales of its conquests as they choose whether it should live or die.

An aging actor from a bygone age of TV and film sits in the remote Yukon, writing to an old flame about his past, along with his embrace of his true wild self.

Volume 2 – digital:

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In this volume:

While working at a local horror filmfest, a young woman receives a special gift from the guest of honour, and then embarks on a night of very personal terror at the movies.

A sick but brash young artist wanders the streets of his futuristic postwar city, looking for inspiration for his latest remix until he pushes himself too far and faces the unexpected.

The new caretakers of The Penumbra try to keep their senses together while trapped in Charles Gloaming’s mansion for the winter. Things cannot hold and they have their limits tested while the denizens from beyond push them towards a new goal.

Volume 3 – digital:


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In this volume:

A festival in ancient Greece includes a theatre competition and grisly murders. A local group’s strange play might be the link between them and a darker secret.

On a remote frozen planetoid, an ages-old colony with unique language and customs has grown. Two local hunters receive a message of incoming ships from beyond the stars and need to decipher if the senders are friend or foe.

On the isle of Papua, a storyteller gathers an audience around a fire to tell them of a mythic hero, his legendary deeds, and his terrible curse.