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Vol. 4: Visitations

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It is here! Or was already here! A few days ago? That’s how The Penumbra works, baby! Go check it out, at the online storefront of your choice! And props to Jordan for making a ridiculously good cover! 


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It’s been a decade since I came up with The Penumbra as an idea (or it came to me, really). Then there was returning to school, an entire novel, and a pandemic since then. This year is the release of volume 4 (SOON), but to celebrate, I fixed… Read More »Anniversary

A Decade Later

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While the website wasn’t created until later and the first volume published even later than that, The Penumbra had its genesis just over ten years ago, with the first story being finished by Halloween 2012. To commemorate this, the free copy of the first story, “The Penumbra,” has… Read More »A Decade Later

Vol. 3: Speak

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In which we learn not just to tell, but to listen, to hear, and convey. Volume 3 is live! 2 of 3 of the stories are available, the third needed more time to bake. It’s big. Twice as big as some of the others.  Buy here: Or here:… Read More »Vol. 3: Speak

We Have Transmitted

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Volume 2 is out! Who knew it would be here so quick? ; ) Here’s where you can get it today! Links are also in the Purchase section. Apple, Nook, Kobo, and Others (Amazon incoming) In this volume: While working at a local horror filmfest, a young woman… Read More »We Have Transmitted


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We are transmitting. There are things to be said, things to be seen, messages, missives. There is no time at all between them. There are many gulfs, especially in years and times such as these. The message must be clear. The story yet to be told, yet already… Read More »Transmissions

Volume 2… Soon

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It needs a few days to iron out the kinks and reduce the number of bugs for post release patching. But you can enjoy the cover reveal right now! (nevermind that it was on twitter last week)  

Umbrafest Sneak Peek

Well, the day is almost here! Halloween approaches and with it a volume of three new stories to spread the depths and range of The Penumbra. And so today brings the start of one of the pieces in volume 2, titled Umbrafest. Get yourselves ready by reading the… Read More »Umbrafest Sneak Peek

Film Schedule

Hey, do you remember the old B movie series “Dr. Crowe?” The organizers of Umbafest III do, and that’s why they’ve picked the best of the 5 film set (parts 2, 3, and 5) to play throughout the multi-day fest beside classics like “The Lost Adventures Of Vexx”… Read More »Film Schedule

Schedule Mishap

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Oh dear, did we suggest that Umbrafest was in 2017? We might have jumped the gun a little bit. Umbrafest III is scheduled for late October, 2018. Thanks for your patience! It will be worth it!